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Yanny Fernández

We purchased bunk beds with a trundle for our girls, and a twin bed with a trundle for our boy when they were still in elementary school. Two of them are adults now, one is still in high school, and the beds are as strong as the first day RJ delivered them to us. He was very flexible and tailored made them with our specifications. They are one of the best furniture purchases we've ever made. We have a small house, which is why we bought the trundles. Family and our kids friends have visited and slept in these beds and had no complaints. This is a great alternative for college students or roommates in small apartments. I advise to get them with the gloss seal (after the color) so they're easy to clean and don't show dirt. I made the mistake of not doing that. RJ is a master craftsman and owning a unique piece of functional and beautiful art is a gift you should give your loved ones and yourself. Blessings to RJ & family always!

3 reviews
9 months ago

Misty Dawn

Purchased a bunk a couple years ago. This thing is solid and still going strong. Two rough kids and it doesn’t budge. Looks just same as the day we purchased it.

18 reviews
2 years ago