If you purchase a cheap bunk bed that’s what you get, a cheap bunk bed.
Purchase of a bunk bed can be a pricey event, and it may not end there. A great test is to grab the end with both hands and see if you can rock it. If you can, your kids will. If you get the best-built bunk beds, they will be used by your kids' kids for years to come. We see the same ads you do, all wood, very strong, $195 to $225. Go see and shake one; they assume your kids will always be 4 to 6 years old.

Believe me, they do grow up. When two of my sons were kids, we purchased a bunk bed for them. We purchased what we thought was a really nice bunk bed. It had turned spindles, a graceful ladder, and a Bunkie board/mattress. It looked better than most of the furniture that we had at that time. Four months later, that beautiful bunk bed was more like a swing set, and the Bunkie board/mattress was shot. Healthy kids are active, and horseplay is what they do. Seemingly unlimited energy.


Here Comes a Strong & Sturdy Bunk Bed for You!

To solve the problem, we had to purchase a sheet of plywood and screw it to the back and sides of the bunk bed. I also had to add additional slats to cure the Bunkie board sagging issue and screw all the slats to the bed rails. We now had one very solid bunk bed that would stand up to that energy.

At 888BUNKED, we custom bench build solid, very strong bunk beds that will support teenage horseplay, college dorms, and adults of all sizes with unlimited choices of design and colors. You can save more by finishing your bunk bed yourself, or we are happy to add the color of your choice.

We have our sample bunk bed and accessories set up in our shop and invite you to come by and give one the “Shake Test” to check the quality. You should see what you are getting before you decide.

Any day including weekends, is fine; please call first to be sure we are on-site. With today's issues, we can also design and quote using online and text, including photos.