Custom-made Bunk Beds, Loft Beds, Murphy Beds and Custom Closets


All Wood Bunk & Loft Beds, Murphy Wall Beds & Custom-Made Closets Located in Florida and made in the USA

We custom make what you want, high quality things you will not find in Big Box stores. Let us quote your project, we can save money.

Building to Your Convenience

888 Bunkbed designs, custom builds and installs bunk beds, loft beds,murphy wall beds and custom closets of all sizes,Paul has designed and installed Murphy Wall beds for 6 years. He has designed, built, and installed custom closets for 15 years.
RJ has designed, built, and installed bunk beds, loft beds, regular beds and accessories of all kinds that go with them for 13 years.

We can design, build, and install you a quality product and save you money because we do not have to employ designers, builders, or delivery services, we do those things ourselves as we have done for years.

With today's technology we can design and quote your request using text, e-mail, photos, and face time.

Contact us to discuss your project so we know your thoughts. We may ask you for a rough sketch of a room showing doors, window closets and wall measurements so we can be sure your request will fit your space and will send you a drawing and photos of how it will fit and may even give you additional ideas you may not have considered Once we are on the same page, we will quote your project and give you a time frame.

Most closet companies want to send a salesperson to do all the measuring and try sell you their custom-made closet, that is an expense. We use the same procedure as outlined above for our beds asking you to give us your closet objectives and thoughts, some basic measurements, and a photo of the space. A photo from your phone works simply fine.

We will design, usually making changes that you request along the way and when we have it right, we will give you, our quote. If the quote is acceptable, we will then make an appointment to do exact measurements and to make sure we are designing around outlets, air vents and so on at no additional charge.

If you have been thinking about something there is no charge for the quote.


Specially Made for You

We see the same things that you see when researching bunk beds, loft beds murphy wall beds or custom closets showing you how big they are and what they have premade that you might like. It arrives in boxes, and you go from there.

Our difference is we design and build what you want, not what we may have already built so you get what you want, and it is better built.

On our site we show what we have built for customers at their request.

The perfect place for a bed may be unusual, if the mattress will fit the space, we can build what you want to fit there. Sometimes the space will require a mattress a few inches shorter or narrower which will still allow a good night's sleep, we can do it and the mattress. If you have taller needs, we also build for an XL mattress, 80" or XXL mattress at 84" at the same price as a regular 75" mattress.

Kids rooms always seem to be long on ideas and short on space. Desk, bookcase, storage, play area and a place to sleep. A twin over something larger with drawers or a trundle under is one way used. We offer other options such as loft beds with useful options under the bed.

We give you an additional 6" under the loft and still leave room to sit up in the loft and not bump the ceiling. If you ceiling is greater than the standard 8' we can even give you more.

We have a loft bed design that can be easily converted to a twin over twin bunk bed if the family size changes. We can give you a Murphy bed under the loft with a desk and storage. The Murphy can be folded down if another sleep space is needed. When the Murphy is folded up there is a great desk to do all kinds of things on under the loft.

Closets. Look at your closets and if you see a single rod holding all your staff with a bunch of room both over and under that rod. That is wasted space. We can design and build you an amazingly simple design including a storage shelf by using that space and it doubles the size of your closet.

Many people would love to increase their closet space but are scared off by the cost in the thousands. We take a different approach. See our site and we show you a small closet a middle size closet and the big deal, we can give you any of these and save you money.

Sometimes you have a room that would make a great home office or an additional bedroom., but it lacks a closet and a place to sleep. We can easily create a wall closet and a wall bed for you and on the same wall. Now you have an office with the bedroom option. And when folded-up wall bed will now be your desk. Including a shelf above the desk.

Give us a chance to prove it, if not they will still be there.