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we create what you visualize

Custom made means you get what you want

 1888bunkbed  builds the finest all wood beds. We make the standard bunk beds and also custom make them to fit any situation, things you can’t find in stores. Sometimes the bed has to allow more headroom between bunks or shorter to fit under an overhang or longer to allow for an extra-long mattress for taller people or changed in some way to fit a very tight space.  Most of our beds are ladder end beds but we also make many types of steps/stairs which can include additional storage. 

Bunk beds, everyone wants something a little different which is custom made.

Tell us what you have in mind and we will design it for you.

 In Florida we often have more visitors than beds so we can design ways to get more people into a bedroom. We also find ways to fit a bed into space that may be a bit too small or where more or less length is needed or taller or shorter solves a problem.

We build with options for your convenience

  We also have options in our loft beds. One of the main dislikes of lofts is the lack of space under the loft and you have to really stoop over or bang your head. We give you additional room under the bed and depending on the height of your ceiling that gives you a lot of additional room. We also have a convertible option which allows you to change the loft to a bunk bed later by moving a brace from the back to the front which is really nice if your family needs change. 

Why we build them like we do


  If you purchase a cheap bunk bed that’s what you have, a cheap bunk bed. 

  Purchase of a bunk bed can be a pricy event and it may not end there. A great test is to grab the end with both hands and see if you can rock it. If you can, your kids will. If you get the best built bunk beds they will be used by your kids' kids.  I see the same adds you do, all wood, very strong, $195 to $225. Go see and shake one, they assume your kids will always be 4 to 6 years old. 

Believe me they do grow up. When two of my sons were kids we purchased a bunk bed for them. We purchased what we thought was a really nice bunk bed. It had turned spindles, a graceful ladder and a Bunkie board/mattress. It looked better than most of the furniture that we had at that time. Four months later, that beautiful bunk bed was more like a swing set and the Bunkie board/mattress was shot. Healthy kids are active and horse play is what they do. What unlimited energy. 

To solve the problem I had to purchase a sheet of plywood and screw it to the back and sides of the bunk bed. I also had to add additional slats to cure the Bunkie board sagging issue and screw all the slats to the bed rails. We now had one very solid bunk bed that would stand up to that energy.

 At 888BUNKED we custom bench build solid, very strong bunk beds one at a time with unlimited choices of design and colors. You can save more by finishing your bunk bed yourself or we are happy to add the color of your choice

. We have our bunk bed and accessories set up in our shop and invite you to come by and give one the “Shake Test” to check the quality. You should see what you are getting before you decide. Any day including weekends is fine; please call first to be sure I am here. 

 Delivery and set up are also available   

Toll free 1-888-MYBUNKS (692-8657)    -   Local   727-433-4653   -  Ask for RJ -   Or check our web-site 888BUNKBED.com                                               E MAIL  rjtsr3@verizon.net


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We have our bunk bed and accessories set up in our shop in Clearwater, FL so you can come by and give one the "Shake Test" to check the quality and  see what you will be getting for your money.


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(727) 433-4653 or rjtsr3@verizon.net


Any day including week ends is fine until 3:00 PM but call first to be sure we are here.